Showing gratitude & support for our Lietz teachers & staff

Teaching is always hard. 

During this pandemic, we are asking more of our teachers and school staff than ever before.  

This year, Lietz Home & School Club would like to offer additional support to our classroom teachers, as they continue to pave a new path to educate our children and prepare for new challenges with safely reopening our classrooms. We would like to invite our community to join us in this season of thanksgiving to show our gratitude. Your support will also help us recognize the tremendous efforts of our custodial and office staff, as well as support staff who are helping to bridge distance learning gaps and address the social-emotional needs of our children during this critical time. 

Every month, beginning in December, we will celebrate our teachers by grade level. Please share your contribution by December 18 so that we may budget accordingly.

In this season of thanksgiving, we are grateful for our entire community. Thank you for joining us in expressing our gratitude to our Lietz teachers and staff. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.


In the drop-down menu, select “Staff Appreciation”.

Alternatively, if your employer is matching donation through Benevity, you can also donate through this platform using the cause here. Staff Appreciation is a registered project on Benevity, so if you want your donation to be allocated to this program, make sure you donate by using the corresponding “Project”.
Lietz HSC is registered as a non-profit there, so it will be eligible for an employer match, if any.