Proposed Amendments November 2020



The name of this organization shall be the Lietz Home and School Club (hereinafter referred to as “LHSC”).



1.    To assist the general welfare of the school by improving school facilities and programs;

2.    To bring into closer relationship the home, the school, and community for the purpose of preservation and enhancement of our children’s educational environment;

3.    To conduct fundraisers in order to support LHSC-sponsored programs that enrich the lives of Lietz Elementary School students; and

4.    To participate and support the council of Union School District.



Section 1: The purpose of the LHSC shall be educational and philanthropic, and shall be developed through parents, meetings, and projects.

Section 2: LHSC shall be nonprofit, non-sectarian, and non-partisan. No commercial enterprises or candidates for any political offices shall be developed or endorsed by it. Neither the name of LHSC nor the name of any member in an official capacity shall be used in any commercial or political connection.

Section 3: LHSC may take a stand on non-partisan school issues, such as bond, tax, and unification elections.

Section 4: LHSC may present parental concerns in matter of school administration, but shall not seek to control the administration of the school.

Section 5: LHSC may cooperate with other organizations and agencies active in the cause of child welfare.

Section 6: All monies collected, except those for operating expenses, shall be used for projects that will directly benefit the students, the school, and/or faculty.



Section 1: Faculty, Staff, and Administration of Lietz Elementary School are members of LHSC. All parents and legal guardians of students are members of LHSC. A suggested donation for membership may be set annually by the Executive Board.

Section 2: The privilege of holding office, making motions, and voting shall be restricted to members of the organization.

Section 3: Members have the right to vote on approval of the annual budget, election of board members, and amendments to or revisions of the bylaws.

Section 4: All members are encouraged to participate in voting at meeting meetings so the general membership, holding office, nominating and chairing events and/or programs as are applicable under these by-laws bylaws.

Section 5: General Membership Meetings

  1. Regular meetings of the membership may be held 4+ times during the school year.
  2. Special membership meetings may be called by the Board. Appropriate notification will be given to the membership at least on one week in advance.
  3. Members may recommend items of business to the Board. When a new item has not had prior consideration by the Board, it may be deferred to the next meeting so the Board can review prior to discussion.
  4. Order of Business at general meetings shall be:
    1. Call to Order
    2. Secretary’s Report
    3. Treasurer’s Report
    4. Principal’s Report
    5. Teacher Report
    6. Old Business
    7. New Business
    8. Adjournment


Section 6: Member Voting

  1. The Executive Board is required to put a vote out to the general membership in the following situations:
    1. When an annual budget increase of $5,000 greater than $500 or more is being proposed
    2. When a new program or event is being added
    3. When a program or event is being cut
    4. When an amendment to the by-laws bylaws is proposed
  2. A vote may be conducted in person, via email, or other electronic means.
  3. The majority vote of those participating will determine the decision of the vote.



Section 1: Officers

  1. The elected officers, known as the Executive Board, of this organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.
  2. A Parliamentarian may be recruited and approved by the Executive Board if they deem one necessary.
  3. A Nominating Committee may be recruited and approved by the Executive Board if they deem one necessary.
  4. A Chairperson for each program or fundraiser shall be recruited and approved by the Executive Board.
  5. Two individuals may share any of the offices listed above. In the case where two people hold a particular office or chair position, they can determine how to divide their duties between them and shall make it clear to the rest of the Board who is assuming which duties.
  6. The principal and teacher representative, appointed by the principal, shall serve as ex officio members of the Executive Board. Faculty representatives shall act as liaisons between LHSC and Lietz Elementary Faculty.


Section 2: Terms of Service

  1. The officers of LHSC shall be elected at Open House for a term of two years. Replace with: Election of officers shall be held by ballot at the general membership meeting, or Open House, usually convened in the month of April or May. If there is but one (1) candidate for any office, the ballot for that office may be dispensed with, and the election held by voice.
  2. No officer shall be eligible to hold the same office two terms in a row. Add: In the event there is a still vacant Board position after the process outlined above and by the third HSC General Meeting of the school year and no other candidates are interested in serving, then an otherwise disqualified officer shall be eligible to serve.
  3. Officers shall assume the duties of their respective offices at the conclusion of the last regular meeting of the Executive Board during the school year.


Section 3: Removal of Officers

  1. When an officer fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the LHSC and/or Executive Board without adequate excuse, the Executive Board may declare his/her office vacant by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
  2. Failure by any officer to carry out his/her duties as assigned herein shall be cause for removal from office by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
  3. Failure by any officer to follow the by-laws bylaws of the LHSC shall be cause for removal from office by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.


Section 4: Resignation of Officers

  1. In the event of the resignation of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President for the remainder of the term and a new Vice President shall be elected by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
  2. In the event of the resignation of any officer other than the President, a new person shall be elected for the position by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.


Section 5: Nomination of Officers

  1. If deemed necessary by the Executive Board, the Nominating Committee shall consist of up to five members.
  2. One or two members are to be members of the Executive Board.
  3. Remaining members are to be appointed from the membership at large.
  4. The School Principal shall also serve on the committee in an advisory capacity.
  5. The Nominating Committee may recommend one or more candidates for each office.


Section 6: Election of Officers

  1. Election of officers shall be held by ballot at Spring Open House, usually in April or May.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for distributing and counting ballots.
  3. In the case where only one person is running for an office, the ballot for that office can be dispensed with, and the election held by voice.



Section 1: Primary Duties of the Executive Board

  1. Approve changes or additions to LHSC policies.
  2. Present a proposed budget for final approval at the first LHSC meeting of the school year by the membership.
  3. Review written financial report submitted by Treasurer at each Board meeting.
  4. Create committees and chair positions necessary to carry out LHSC business.
  5. Meet monthly to review LHSC business.
  6. Fill all vacancies in office and chair positions.
  7. Meet with principal and teacher representative to schedule fundraising and social activities for the school year.
  8. Resolve by-law bylaw conflicts.
  9. Each board member shall review these by-laws bylaws at the beginning of his/her term and shall be responsible for following them.
  10. Each board member must attend all LHSC meetings.
  11. Each officer shall turn over to his/her successor all records, books, funds, and any other material pertaining to the office upon the expiration of his/her term.


Section 2: Primary Duties of the President

  1. Presides at all LHSC meetings.
  2. Supports all chairpersons.
  3. He/she may appoint a Parliamentarian.
  4. He/she shall set the agenda for every meeting of the Executive Board and the Secretary will publish the agenda one week prior to the meeting.
  5. Oversees Executive Board.
  6. Acts as primary liaison between Executive Board and Lietz staff.
  7. Acts as primary liaison between LHSC and community at large.
  8. Works with Treasurer to plan and maintain budget.
  9. The President cannot be related by blood or marriage or reside in the same household as the other authorized signer of LHSC financial accounts.


Section 3: Primary Duties of the Vice President

  1. Acts as aide to the President.
  2. In the absence of the President, shall assume President’s duties.
  3. Oversee and support the efforts of chairs of LHSC student enrichment programs and fundraising events.
  4. Meets with Chairs of fundraising events and programs to help establish goals and guidelines.
  5. Acts as liaison between the Executive Board and Chairs of enrichment programs and fundraisers.


Section 4: Primary Duties of the Secretary (may be split into Corresponding & Reporting)

  1. Keeps an accurate record of proceedings of all LHSC meetings.
  2. Is always prepared to refer to minutes from previous LHSC meetings.
  3. Sends LHSC meeting minutes to webmaster.
  4. Posts minutes from previous LHSC meetings.
  5. Posts agenda of general membership meetings one week prior to the meeting.
  6. Coordinates child care for meetings.


Section 5: Primary Duties of the Treasurer

  1. Keeps an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements.
  2. Is always prepared to present a statement of account at every regular meeting and any time that this statement may be requested by the Executive Board.
  3. Makes a full annual report at the first Executive Board meeting of the school year and at the first general membership meeting of the school year.
  4. Receives monies for LHSC and deposits them in the name of LHSC in a bank approved by the Executive Board.
  5. Coordinates the cash handling of fundraisers and social functions.
  6. Audits the monthly bank statements.
  7. Contacts and provides necessary documents to the tax preparer.


Section 6: Primary Duties of the Parliamentarian

  1. May be appointed by the Executive Board if deemed necessary.
  2. Gives advice concerning parliamentary procedure when in order or requested.
  3. Attends first meeting of Nominating Committee to give instructions concerning procedure.
  4. Is not a voting member of the Executive Board.


Section 7: Miscellaneous Duties – All duties listed must be filled by a Board member. Each Executive Board can determine how these duties are filled. Board members may take turns doing these duties or one Board member can be assigned to each duty for a period of time lasting up to their entire term.

  1. Regular attendance at Union School District meetings.
  2. Regular attendance at School Site Council meetings.
  3. Prepares LHSC packets for Kinder Orientation.
  4. Regular attendance at Parent Leadership Council meetings.
  5. Produces and distributes LHSC newsletter with input from other officers and chairs.
  6. Establishes overall communication plans regarding programs and fundraisers, advises chairpersons on how to market specific programs and fundraisers to parents, students, and staff.



Section 1: Term of office for chairpersons shall be one year. A chairperson may hold the same position from year to year. There is no limit for how many terms they can serve.

Section 2: Chairpersons may be requested to attend Executive Board meetings or general membership meetings, as needed.

Section 3: Chairpersons are responsible for staying within budget provided by VP or Treasurer.

Section 4: Each chairperson, upon expiration of their term of office or in the case of a resignation, shall turn over to their successor without delay all books, records, funds, and any other material pertaining to the office. Records shall include a written summary of the chairperson’s activities during the preceding year.

Section 5: Chairpersons shall be responsible for forming a committee to carry out their business if necessary. Chairperson is responsible for recruiting members for their committees with the assistance and support of the Executive Board.



Section 1: Teachers or staff members who have a request should write their requests and contact an LHSC Executive Board member, their LHSC Teacher Representative, or present their request in person at a meeting.


Section 2: After a request has been submitted, the Executive Board will discuss and vote on the matter at the next Executive Board meeting or present at the next General Membership meeting if the request involves funds >$500.


Section 3: A two-thirds vote of the Executive Board is required to approve a request.


Section 4: In the event that a request requires a decision prior to the next meeting, voting may be done via email.



Section 1:  All authorized check disbursements must carry the signature of the LHSC Treasurer and the President or Vice President. If two Treasurers share the position, their signatures are acceptable.


Section 2: The Board may authorize an unbudgeted expenditure of up to $500 with a majority vote of the Executive Board. Any unbudgeted expenditure that exceeds $500 must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the general membership. All members must be given five days’ notice to such vote and must be informed regarding the specifics of the proposed expenditure and instructions on how to cast their vote. Any expenditure by a board member, committee member, school employee, or other volunteer in excess of a budgeted item will not be reimbursed unless prior approval has been given by the Executive Board.


Section 3: The incoming Executive Board is committed to unpaid authorized expenditures incurred by the outgoing Executive Board.



These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members at any general meeting where a quorum is present, provided the membership has been notified of the vote and given a 30-day period to review proposed amendments.



Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall be the authority on all points not covered by these bylaws.