General Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2021



25 Members present


  • Welcome & Announcements – Kelli Martines (7:03)
    1. Welcome
      1. Board Introductions
    2. USD Board Meeting Update
      1. School reopening plan is on pause for now due to County ICU capacity dropping below 15% which triggered a shelter-in-place order. 
    3. Resources for families for helping children cope with and understand current events will be shared on HSC website


  • Secretary’s Report – Petra Riguero (7:10)
    1. Vote to approve 11/18/20 Minutes
      1. 1st – Christy Rhinehart
      2. 2nd – Erika Byrum


  • Principal’s Report – Sandya Lopez (7:15)
    1. Resources for families regarding pandemic from District will be put on HSC Website
    2. Thank you to Amy Elrite, Holiday Workshop lead
    3. Thank you to Executive Board for supporting families in need during the Holidays
    4. Thank you to Project Cornerstone and Art Vistas for putting together the materials for distribution days
    5. Global Play Day February 3rd- restore unstructured play
    6. Office hours every Thursday at noon, new zoom link.  See Sandya’s email
    7. Kinder Orientation is on  January 21st at 6:00pm.  Event has been posted on
    8. Survey has been sent out to parents
    9. January 29 is crazy hair day
    10. Annemarie Guido will talk to 5th grade girls about body image and positive self talk – Assembly on February 9th 
    11. Alumni Assembly – three students authored a book, Sheldon the Shell. Topic: ocean acidification. Book is accessible to children. Take action lens at assembly – February 5th
      1. Book on sale? You can buy the book on Amazon: 
    12. Science Camp will be virtual this year. Walden West will provide weeklong science-focused activities for fifth grade students.
    13. USD has allocated part of a generous anonymous donation to Lietz. It will be used to help provide extended care for DLSC students, starting with students who are not engaged, both parents working, teacher’s children, essential workers


  • Teacher’s Report – Leslie Long (7:25)
    1. No Report (abs)


  • HSC Programs & Events, Volunteer Opportunities (7:30)
    1. Art Vistas – Caitlin Samenfeld-Specht, Rebekah Frederickson (abs), Priya Vartak (abs)
      1. Finishing up with Set C and moving on to Set D.  Happy with participation.  Kids enjoyed the mask project and are excited to share and participate. Email at  Highly encourage your kids to try the projects.  There are six sets in total for the year. All the videos for instruction are completed and posted to the Union School District website. 
    2. Box Tops for Education – SoYun Kim (abs)
      1. We have received approximately $57.  We have another drop off date for January 29th at 3:00 p.m.
    3. Chef’s Night Out – Jessica Steed
      1. Currently do not have any scheduled.
    4. Drama – Nancy Grochowski (abs), Sue Malloy (abs)
      1. 17 students are registered and conducting virtual rehearsals
    5. Garden Club – Lisa Porter, John Wheeler
      1. Program has been on hold.  Reached out to the District to better understand when we can conduct some activity. 
    6. Holiday Workshop – Amy Elrite (abs)
    7. Math Olympiad – Mike Homer (abs), Sean Samenfeld-Specht
      1. Over 20 kids participating.  Meets on Thursdays.  Providing feedback to help get students on track.  
    8. Project Cornerstone – Sarah Rizvi (abs), Lisa Valera (abs)
      1. Kindergarten classes were read Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud, which is a core book to the program. Sarah is officially now the lead of the Program. 
    9. Walkathon – Jasmin Canty, Jennifer Kubisz (abs)
      1. Planning a book walk.  Students will be walking the neighborhood to identify pages for the book.  Would like to bring students close to campus without going on campus.  Confirming route that is safe and getting clearance from District.  May be involving the community to play music during event. Will explore options to do walkathon that allows for safe distancing, which may be best accomplished by encouraging families to walk on their own, not during at a scheduled time/place.
    10. Staff Appreciation – Kelli Martines
      1. Monthly Teacher Spotlight has recognized kindergarten and first grade teams, as well as two resource teachers.
      2. Give Thanks initiative raised $2,640 to supplement Staff Appreciation fund.
      3. Funds will be used to provide additional support/gifts of appreciation to teachers and staff throughout the year, in addition to traditional celebration in May.
    11. Silent Auction- HSC needs help with leading this event.  Anyone interested, please contact Kelli. 


  • Treasurer’s Report – Melissa Ramos, Mathieu Olivari (7:44)
    1. Reviewed budget
      1. Give Thanks initiative brought in $2,120 and an additional $520 from company match.


  • Old Business
    1. HSC Bylaw Revisions – Caitlin Samenfeld-Specht (7:49)
      1. Proposed amendments
        1. Allowance for Officer terms
          1. Officer elections may be done at either Spring Open House or General Meeting
        2. In the event that nobody is able to fill a Board role, somebody that just served may serve again
        3. Clarification around timing and information of budget-related 
      2. Vote to approve proposed revisions
        1. Question: Would it be possible to continue voting digitally to include the largest community pool possible? 
          1. Yes, Exec Board should continue to explore ways to conduct meetings and voting in virtual platform
        2. 1st – Lisa Porter
        3. 2nd – Jasmin Canty
        4. In favor: 25; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 0
          1. Motion passed


  • New Business
      1. How can we better support families in need? Contact the Board to be part of the discussion and explore ways that HSC can help our Lietz community.
      2. Open HSC Exec Board positions for next term will be shared next month. Please contact Board with questions/interest.
      3. Question: Any movement on the communication boards? (Jasmin Canty) Sandy to follow up with Kat. This was a proposal shared last year by a teacher, Kat


  • Adjournment – Kelli Martines (8:02)
    1. Motion to adjourn
      1. Stephania Panayotopolous- 1st
      2. Jasmin Canty- 2nd