Lietz Home & School Club

General Meeting Minutes 

May 19, 2021 

7:00 – 8:00 p.m. 

*21 members in attendance

Welcome & Announcements – Kelli Martines (7:00) 

  1. Thank you to the HSC Board
  2. USD Board Meeting Update
    1. Discussed going back to in-person full-time next year
    2. Students will have continued access to programs like Lexia and other online resources
    3. Next Board meeting is on Monday, May 24th at 4:00p.m. 
    4. We are awaiting announcement regarding Superintendent position
  3. Executive Board openings announcement
    1. President, Vice-President, Co-Treasurer
    2. We need support in finding parents interested in being a part of the Board


Secretary’s Report – Petra Riguero (7:05) 

  1. John Wheeler -motion to approve
  2. Erica Byrum-  2nd 


Treasurer’s Report – Melissa Ramos, Mathieu Olivari (7:10)

  1. $30,910.17 was raised for Walkathon
  2. Some items are still pending so this amount may increase
  3. How did we raise funds for Bingo? It may have been one of the teachers that hosted an event
  4. Taxes came in at a cost of $1,200 
  5. Teacher grants are coming in at a faster pace than usual due to end-of-year
  6. Teachers still have two weeks to submit
  7. Give Thanks comes in as an income item and we are utilizing it for Teacher recognition
  8. What date does the Board need receipts from teachers?  Last day of school. 
  9. Reimbursement form has changed and has been sent out to teachers
    1. Directly on website rather than through Wufoo
  10. Those teachers that have a remaining balance were contacted by Board Treasurers
  11. Heather will relay message to Loren that she can propose a budget for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion program


Principal’s Report – Sandya Lopez (7:20)

  1. Thank you to Kelli for her work as Board President!
  2. In-person ceremony on June 3rd for 5th grade promotion will be out on the lawn.  Students will be limited to 2 guests. If you have a zoomer, we would love to have them come in-person to celebrate.  It will be a 15 minute ceremony.
  3. Extension programs have been going well.  Leaders have been doing a great job planning fun and engaging activities.  
  4. Thank you for the staff appreciation week.  
  5. KDS testing replaced CA statewide assessments.  Started last week and will continue through next week. 
  6. Ask your children about PAWS! We are handing out tickets and will be giving out prizes. Hoping to fill Lions Den.
    1. Important for students to know the PAWS language


Teacher’s Report – Leslie Long (7:25)

  1. Thank you for all the teacher appreciation week. Flowers and notes.  Felt so loved that week.  It was a perfect cap from returning to five days a week.
  2. Thank you for all the HSC programs and parent volunteers
    1. Students feel proud of the participation and the projects.  It feels more normal during this time of a pandemic to keep these programs going. 


HSC Programs & Events (7:30)

  1. Art Vistas -Caitlin Samenfeld-Specht, Rebekah Frederickson, Priya Vartek
    1. Everybody is wrapping up their projects for 4th grade.  We had to come up with a lot of new projects to do at home.  We invite ideas from teachers or parents or if you liked some of the projects from this year that you would like us to keep permanently. 
    2. We stuck with more of our normal projects compared to other schools. 
    3. Thank you to our docents who helped make the program happen. 
  2. Box Tops for Education – SoYun Kim
    1. Everyone can download the app to submit receipts. Take a picture of your receipt to submit.
  3. Chef’s Night Out – Jessica Iwamoto Steed
    1. We just raised $260 for Chiptole CNO
    2. We will focus on more small businesses for next year who struggled during the shelter in place
  4. Drama – Nancy Grochowski, Sue Malloy
    1. We will show the virtual showing of performance during the last week of school
    2. Next year’s performance- The Little Mermaid Jr. 
  5. Math Olympiad – Mike Homer, Sean Samenfeld-Specht
    1. Program is complete- all five competitions are done and we are waiting to find out how we did. We had some stellar performances but the big outcome was that students really grew and had fun. 
  6. Create with Clay- Aaryn Church
    1. We will be doing the tile project for 5th graders.  We will set up a station at picnic benches and pick a date for students to come out and decorate tiles.  May arrange for zoomers to come on campus to decorate their tiles. 
    2. We need to find a 5th grade parent to do the tiling
    3. Is it possible to do the stenciling activity for the zoomers if they can’t come on campus? We could possibly purchase the stencils.  They could possibly email in a design and Aaryn could transfer them onto the tile.  Mrs. Viner has the most zoomers.  
  7. Project Cornerstone – Preeti Agrawal
    1. We collected photos from Share your Spark. Sara and Lisa will put together a slideshow
    2. Our last book reading, Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco, is this month and we are trying to coordinate with teachers on their preference of in-person or virtual
    3. Completed all planned books for this year
    4. Theme for this year was Empathy  
  8. Staff Appreciation – Kelli Martines
    1. Teacher Spotlight: This month we recognized the 5th grade teachers
    2. Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week: It was a great opportunity to show our appreciation to staff, especially since it coincided with our first week of extended hours on campus. Thank you to all of the volunteers who stepped up to help.
  9. Walkathon – Jasmin Canty, Jennifer Kubisz
    1. Week was super fun. Better WalkAthon than what we anticipated
    2. Multiple days- 70,000 movement minutes completed.  Lots of fun to incorporate different ways to be active. We can add some of activities to next year’s event
    3. We have extra tattoos and we’ll be giving them to teachers to hand out to students
    4. Thank you to Jasmin for your help
    5. We have a lot of pictures and video from Mrs. Lopez
    6. Information on meeting next week to plan for next year. 
    7. It was a huge success!
  10. Yearbook – Jennifer Kubisz
    1. Yearbook is done and printed and they are on their way.  
    2. Different kind of yearbook but we’re excited 
    3. Yearbooks sold out but we placed another order
      1. If you still need a yearbook, there are still some available; price is increased due to shipping cost
    4. Scholarship fund is being created to help ensure that students who want a yearbook have access; will begin with offering support to fifth graders


Old Business (7:50)

  1. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Loren Romley (Heather Combs reporting)
    1. Three goals of program
      1. Writing a mission statement
      2. Expanding resources in library
      3. Getting parents involved 
    2. Next meeting will most likely be Tuesday.  We will send that date out. 


New Business (7:55)

  1. Garden: Outdoor Learning Space – Lisa Porter, John Wheeler
    1. Turn the old garden into an outdoor learning space.  We had a $5,000 budget this year that we were unable to use due to pandemic.  
    2. Steps to implement:
      1. Create a plan
      2. What do people want?
      3. Gather bids 
      4. Define basic design of outdoor classroom space
      5. Gather quotes for big-ticket items
      6. Define final designs
      7. Define Build phases
      8. Build phase 1
      9. Build phase 2
      10. Projected completion date would be 2nd semester for next year
      11. If you would like to be a part of effort, please contact Lisa Porter or John Wheeler at


Adjournment – Kelli Martines (8:10)

  1. Tonight was a great turnout for the last HSC General Meeting.  Do we want to continue with virtual meetings or a hybrid option? Lots of feedback about having a hybrid option. 
  2. Motion to adjourn- Aayrn Church 
  3. Second- Erika Byrum