General Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2021

7:00 – 8:00 p.m.


*22 members in attendance

  • Welcome – Jasmin Canty (7:06)
      1. Meeting called to order
      2. 2nd – Shannon Knickerbocker
  • Executive Board 
  • President – Jasmin Canty
  • Vice President – Vacant
  • Co- Treasurer- Mathieu Olivari
  • Co- Treasurer – Nicole Colmone
  • Secretary- Petra Riguero
  • Secretary’s Report – Petra Riguero (7:05)
      1. Motion to approve- Kelli Martines
      • 2nd Christy Rhinehart
  • Principal’s Report – Sandya Lopez (7:10)
      1. Halloween Parade will be on October 29th, first thing in the morning
        1. Wear costumes to school all day if you’d like
        2. Parents are not allowed on campus
        3. Costume rules
        4. Elementary school appropriate (see newsletter)
        5. Music will be played 🙂
      2. Pumpkin Contest will be on October 25th, brink pumpkin to cafeteria area 7:45- 8:15
        1. Judging will be in the afternoon
        2. Parents are allowed to come and help students bring in their pumpkin to the cafeteria
      3. Student Council will continue this year
        1. Student’s prepared speeches
        2. Names will be in Friday’s Newsletter
        3. Weekly announcements community and students
        4. Donation drives
  • Campus can be opened for more volunteers
      1. Two Art Vistas leads are going to every single classroom
      2. Clay, Project Cornerstone
      3. Sandy will work with leads of programs will have more information soon
      4. Construction is finalized and inspection is tomorrow and if all goes well, campus can open after 4:00.
    1. Weekly COVID testing began and it has been going really well
      1. There have been no issues with testing and students have been ok with it
  • Teacher’s Report – Leslie Long (7:20)
    1. Really excited to have parents on campus again
    2. Teacher’s grants are approved
      1. Teachers need to complete the reimbursement form 
  • Walkathon  Update- Jasmin Canty (7:25)
    1. May be able to have volunteers on campus
    2. Event will be on November 4th. 
    3. Theme is color your world
    4. students wear their favorite color
    5. Chalk drawing on black top
    6. Looking for businesses who would like to sponsor
    7. Not going to print T-shirts this year
    8. Official Kick Off is early next week 
    9. Can the event be moved to earlier in the day? 
    10. Event is 20 minute increments and students walk the track
    11. Students get jelly bracelets when they complete a lap
  • HSC Programs & Events, Volunteer Opportunities –  Jasmin Canty (7:35)
  • You can email Program leads at
    1. Art Vistas – Caitlin Samenfeld-Specht
      1. Two leads are spread out and conducting first set lessons for the whole school
      2. Excited to be back on campus
      3. Every class will have received their first lesson by the end of this month
    2. Garden Club – Lisa Porter and John Wheeler
      1. Good progress on project
      2. Outdoor learning environment (old garden) now has water
      3. Sunday, October 24th is a parent only volunteer day will be clearing out the fallen leaves
      4. Clearing out bed spaces
      5. Outdoor learning environment
      6. Need vehicular access
      7. Need to move seed container
      8. New garden does not have water yet but we’re working on it
      9. Looking at working with the School District to provide a shade structure for the learning environment
    3. Math Olympiad
      1. Up and running.  We’ve had two meeting so far and we have 30+ kids signed up
      2. First contest should be early next month
    4. Odyssey of the Mind
      1. 7 5th graders
      2. We’ve have two meeting so far and students have picked their technical problem
      3. Minimum team size is 5
    5. Project Cornerstone – Sarah Rizvi, Lisa Valera
      1. Super excited to be launching this month-
      2. Started virtually this month
      3. Need volunteer for Ms. Wuton’s class
    6. Spirit Wear- Lead
    7. Staff Appreciation – Kelli Martines
      1. Custodian appreciation day is October 2nd.  We’re going to celebrate Anna and Bobat
      2. We’ll doing something in the staff room and will provide flowers
    8. Walkathon – Jasmin Canty, Jennifer Kubisz
  • Treasurer’s Report – Mathieu Olivari (7:45)
      1. Revenue 
        1. Drama
        2. Farm Fresh to You subscription
        3. eFundraiser Amazon Smile
        4. Generous donation of $10,000 from a parent
      2. Spending
        1. $540
        2. Art Vistas
        3. Donations that went back to classrooms 
        4. Zoom account
        5. Teacher grants
  • Parent question: Can we get soccer goals for recess?
        1. Sandy will run by our recess coordinator
        2. Can HSC fund?
        3. Storing them may be an issue
      1. Parent question: There is a major lip in the sidewalk by the back gate. Is it a school/district issue? 
        1. The issue is for City of San Jose to address 
  • Adjournment
  • Motion to adjourn – 7:55
  • 2nd to adjourn

Meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. No meeting in December. 

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