General Meeting Meetings

November 17, 2021

7:00 – 8:00 p.m.


*27 participants

  1. Welcome – Jasmin Canty (7:00)
    1. Call to order-John Wheeler
    2. 2nd– Mathieu Olivari
    3. Executive Board 
      1. President – Jasmin Canty
      2. Vice President – Vacant
      3. Co- Treasurer- Mathieu Olivari
      4. Co- Treasurer – Nicole Colmone
      5. Secretary- Petra Riguero
  1. Secretary’s Report – Petra Riguero (7:05)
    1. Motion to approve- Kelli Martines
    2. 2nd– John Wheeler
  1. Principal’s Report – Sandy Lopez (7:10)
    1. Huge thank you for Walkathon volunteers. Kids had so much fun! Felt normal again.
      1. Hard part is parents could be there
    2. School site council- completed two big plans
      1. Student achievement
      2. Safety plan
      3. Inclusion assembly- to teach kids what our Intensive disabilities. Video about autism.  Celebrating differences- what we look like and learning disabilities
      4. Filled up the Lion’s Den. Filling up very quickly. Send your child to school with a boardgame on Friday.
      5. Parent question-Is it ok to bring card games?
        1. Answer-Yes
      6. Have kids wear gold and purple- Friday rally. Once a week we will have a quick rally 8:15 -8:25.  Parents are welcome.  Make sure your mask is on.
      7. Principles coffee scheduled November 30th at 9:00 a.m.
      8. No school next week.
      9. Video – 4th grade teacher Justin Preza created a video with help of student council. Video started with announcements and then added quick video on PAWS.
  1. Teacher’s Report – Leslie Long (7:20)
    1. Staff don’t get a chance as much these days. Thank you for the Walkathon event.  Questions from other teachers
    2. Kinder – Spirit wear sales? Can we have spirit wear at drop off and pick up?
    3. Garden boxes housed- are there garden boxes that are being housed in kinder area? What is the plan?
    4. Kinder teachers weren’t ready to move forward with removing old garden boxes.
    5. Lopez would like to include the Garden Committee for new garden boxes.
    6. Is Holiday Faire happening this year?
      1. Lopez- It’s doable but we need Id all the parents coming in.
      2. There is a budget for this event.
  1. Walkathon Update- Jennifer Kubisz (7:25)
    1. Total Walkathon funds raised is $76,839.62
    2. Participation
      1. Smith (1st Grade) 78.26%
      2. Heacock (4th grade) 78.13%
    3. Cash Value
      1. Lacy (1st grade)
      2. Douglas (k)
      3. School-wide participation- 60.47%
      4. 5th grade Lottery Winner Azerai Fernandez
        1. Lottery winner is no longer at our school.  We need to select a new winner.
  1. HSC Programs & Events, Volunteer Opportunities –  Jasmin Canty (7:35)
    1. Art Vistas-
    2. Book Faire*
    3. Box Tops – goal is $400 and we’ve raised $106
    4. Happy Birthday Shout out on marquee-$150 raised so far.
      • Include teachers and staff
    5. Chefs Night Out- Chipotle. If you have other suggestions, please contact Jessica Steed
    6. Clay
    7. Evening Around the World*
    8. Garden Club
    9. Holiday Workshop
    10. Math Olympiad
    11. Movie Night*
    12. Project Cornerstone- 30-40% of volunteers are new. Simon’s Hook is this month’s book.
    13. Spirit Wear*
    14. Spring Carnival*
    15. Staff Appreciation
    16. Sweetheart Dance*
    17. Walkathon

              *Items still need volunteers

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Mathieu Olivari (7:45)
    1. Expenses-Paypal fees
    2. New program requests
    3. Budget adjustment will most likely come later this year
    4. Will be reaching out to program leads to see if there are any updates so we can include in midyear adjustment
    5. Question- School assemblies- who oversees suggesting or proposing assemblies?
      1. When is the deadline to submit adjustments?
      2. Answer- It’s flexible
    6. Science Camp- in the past we’ve done fundraising and request to HSC to offset the cost.
    7. Science Camp is February 7th
    8. Question- Have anyone talked to Aaron on if she’ll be starting the program?
    9. Answer- Aaron is requesting volunteers
    10. What is Holiday Workshop?- Event set up in cafeteria and kids get to make a bunch of arts and crafts projects.
  1. Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn- Sarah Rizvi

2nd– John Wheeler