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Spring is the time of year for new growth, and it has been a privilege to see all of our kids growing; losing teeth, growing skills, and ALL growing like weeds. Our kids are amazing, and it is truly inspiring to see them applying both academics and social emotional learning – for one example – to spearhead requests for resuming pre-Covid activities (like Friday Ice Cream sales). These interactions are my favorite, since our kids are learning that their voices matter, and that students have agency in their educations and school setting.

The excitement about the production of Little Mermaid Jr. on campus was palpable; everyone was talking about the play itself, coordinating plans on when to attend, and most heartwarmingly of all, letting their performing peers know what an amazing job they did. Live theatre is so enriching and affirming for both performers and audience, and I’m so glad that we’re able to help support programs like Drama.

This coming week is a great time to touch base with your third, fourth, and fifth grade students about the upcoming CAASPP testing; work on strategies for success (like setting a regular routine, making sure to eat a nutritious meal before school, and limiting screen time 30 minutes before bed). Most of all, it’s important for our kiddos to know that their best is good enough.

It’s also a great time of year to consider joining the 2022-23 Lietz HSC Board; we’ll have one treasurer opening, as well as for secretary. (Any interested parties can ask questions, or enthusiastically apply at

Happy Easter, Ramadan Mubarak, and have a wonderful spring break!

-Jasmin C. (She/Her/Hers)


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Recurring events:

  • Seedling Sales happen every Friday after School, outside of front office
  • Ice Cream Sales happen every Friday after School, starting on April 15 2022, at Lietz Cafeteria


Get your dancing paws ready Lietz Lions!


Finally! This is a time for Lietz families to enjoy a night of dancing and refreshments.

Capacity is limited, please make arrangements for care of younger siblings to ensure that all Lietz students have the opportunity to attend.

All students should attend the dance with an adult chaperone.

You can purchase tickets for faster entrance. If you want to pay cash or by check, walk-ins will also be accepted.

Questions? Email Lisa McCabe: with any questions about the dance, volunteering or donations.

Blog post where you can buy tickets or sign up to volunteer or donate: 


Help us beautify our campus and FUNdraise by adopting a rock!
It’s so easy peasy!!
  1. Take one of the 10 brightly colored rocks on campus home;
  2. Decorate it with more colors and a positive PAWS message;
  3. Bring it back to campus for ALL to see and enjoy!
Each rock costs $100.  Adopt one as a family or partner up with another family, and decorate half and pay half. Rocks can be adopted here:
Decorated rocks will be displayed until December 2022, unless Lietz HSC deems otherwise.
ALL funds will go right back to our Lietz students, teachers/staff and school. Donation receipt is available upon request.
Please contact Lietz Board ( if you have questions or suggestions.
Thank you Lietz families!
*A nominal transaction fee will be applied at check out.


Stop by our table (outside the front office) on Fridays after school to buy a plant.

Lietz Garden Club is providing plants for sale on Friday afternoons after school.   

Plants include FLOWERS such as sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds.

VEGETABLES include beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes; and various herbs. 

When: After school on Fridays

Where: Outside the front office

Cost: Prices range from $1-$5

All proceeds benefit Lietz HSC.



1110 Blossom Hill RD, STE 30

San Jose, CA 95118

Tuesday, April 26th 5:00-9:00pm

33% of event sales get donated to HSC

Order online for pickup using code J888VPR


Our 2022 Auction is coming up on Friday, May 13, held along with our Spring Carnival! We are in full swing with setting up the Auction which will feature many of your favorite community activities, teacher parties, staff activities, family fun, kids activities, wine escapades, and more.  We do still need help in the following areas:
  • If you have any items or experiences you’d be willing to donate (unopened toys, wine, wine tasting excursions, vacation home packages, etc..) or have connections to businesses that would be willing to donate, please let us know!
  • We are also seeking volunteers for the event, particularly a day-of event coordinator.  This role does NOT require asking for donations, just handling the logistics on the day of the event.
If you are able to help with donations or volunteer for the event, please contact us at
Silent Auction Team


Math Olympiad has completed all five contests for the year, and will had our last meeting this week on March 31st.  We had fantastic results this year, with many students averaging 4 out of 5 questions on the contests and one scoring a perfect on every one! Leads Mike  and Sean Samenfeld-Specht enjoyed working with the kids and look forward to a new batch of 4th and 5th graders next year.



Tell the world it’s your birthday on our electronic marquee!
We have seven more weeks left for HBD Shout Outs. Last week for this school year will be May 23rd.
Don’t forget to submit your name for a chance to get a free HBD Shout Out slot too!

Easter is just around the corner! 
Purchase extra Box Tops labelled items and help us get free money for Lietz.
Each unexpired label equals to $0.10 for Lietz!
Download the Box Tops app and scan and submit. It’s that easy.
SoYun Kim | Box Tops for Education Lead

This has been an exciting month for Project Cornerstone! Every year in the spring we try to do a school-wide project, where grades K-5 come together to make an uplifting display for the school. This year’s project focuses on the book “One” by Kathryn Otoshi. The book continues the theme of being an upstander and the power of one person standing up against hurtful bucket dipping. We often think “I’m one person, what can I do?” In this book we explore the inner strength it takes to stand up for others and how we can model for our peers to stand up with us! For our project, keep a lookout at the front gate for a display showcasing each class’ unique ways of being upstanders and the power of “one.” Have your student point out their unique contributions on the wall outside of the cafeteria in the coming weeks!

We are happy to announce that the award winning author of “One”, Kathryn Otoshi, will come speak for our students! She will be presenting on April 12th to our Lietz Lions! 

To keep the valuable lessons of being an upstander going, discuss with your student how each person counts in your family. Brainstorm with them how they can facilitate change in their home, classroom and greater community. Remember, it only takes one to make a difference!


As the school year is winding down, and COVID restrictions are easing up, the clay program is preparing for the Class of 2021-22 Memory Board project. Each 5th grader and teacher will decorate a tile with their name and a design, picture or message that has meaning to them.  Check out prior years’ boards around campus!
We have about four weeks to start a clay project this year.  Any experienced docents and teachers are invited to contact me and sign up on the soon-to-be-relocated Clay Calendar at the front of the cafeteria. 
Contact Aaryn at:


We are loving watching classes enjoy their monthly Art Vistas lessons. Most classes are close to finishing their fifth lesson of the year.  As we head into April we will finish the final lessons of the school year, including: self-portraits (K), Vincent Van Gogh (1st), Auguste Renoir (2nd), people from around the world (3rd), surrealism (4th), and photography (5th). 

We are pleased to share that our annual Art Show is able to return this year! The Lietz Art Show has been planned to coincide with the school’s Open House and will be held on the evening of Wednesday, May 18, in the cafeteria. We hope you will all come to celebrate your young artists and this amazing Art Vistas year.

Rebekah Frederickson (K-1)
Caitlin Samenfeld-Specht (2-3)
Priya Vartak (4-5)



Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. wrapped up after a weekend of six magical performances. All shows were well attended and the cast felt the love and support of the Lietz community.  Thank you to the Lietz administration and Home and School Club for the logistic planning an event of this size takes. We would like to give a shout out to our hard working volunteer parents without whom this quality production could not take place.  Together, with their talented students, over 50 families pulled together to present an occasion to celebrate theatre arts in our school. We look forward to announcing next year’s production sometime in April!

Nancy Grochowski and Sue Malloy | Lietz Drama Club Co-Directors


We have two Executive Board openings for the 2022-24 term: Co-Treasurer and Secretary. Please complete the form or email if you are interested or if you just want to start a discussion around it.  We looking forward to hearing from you!!



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