General Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2022

7:00 – 8:00 p.m.


*17 parents/guardians in attendance

  • Welcome – Jasmin Canty (7:00)
      1. Call meeting to order- Jasmin Canty
      2. 2nd Caitlin Samenfeld-Specht
      3. Vacant Board positions for Co-Treasurer and Secretary
  • Executive Board Introductions
    1. President – Jasmin Canty
    2. Co-Vice President – Joshua Yadron
    3. Co-Vice President – Lisa McCabe
    4. Co- Treasurer- Mathieu Olivari
    5. Co- Treasurer – Nicole Colmone
    6. Secretary- Petra Riguero
  • Secretary’s Report – Mathieu Olivari (7:05)
      1. Motion to approve- Nicole Colmone
      2. Second- Kelli Martines
  • Principal’s Report – Crista Leamons (7:10)
  • Busy month  first in-person assembly this month for Project Cornerstone
      1. fun to see some students from Dartmouth to help out
      2. Looking for to STEAM month- STEAM faire is open to the public- April 23, 2022
        1. USD is looking for parent volunteers to help with the STEAM Night on 4/23. If you are interested, let me know.
      3. Outdoor and indoor opportunities to participate
      4. Space to be creative
      5. Opportunity to support our students
      6. Take some breaks from testing
      7. 4th grader (great recruiter) is very proactive and wants ice cream sales back on 
      8. LCAP- is to take a snapshot in time so we can better support out students
      9. End of the year activities are coming up
        1. 5th grade promotion
  • Enrollment is not quite at projection so if you know of families in the area encourage them to enroll
  • Teacher’s Report – Leslie Long (7:20)
    1. The play was magnificent.  Props are getting good use for other programs/class activities
    2. Author assembly was great and had such a great message.  “How people see you is who you are”
    3. Yearbook is coming and we thank you for working on it.
      1. Please send all of your photos to yearbook:
    4. Great to see parents at the Friday rallys. Its great to see teachers interact with the students
    5. Project Cornerstone mural is beautiful
    6. Budget for 5th grade promotion and snacks
      1. Usually we don’t like to have 5th grade parents help because we want them to enjoy the day.  Can we have 4th grade parents help?
  • HSC Programs & Events, Volunteer Opportunities (7:25)
      1. Schedule of events for upcoming events
      2. Ticket sales are a little low and we need get as many tickets sold
      3. Adopt-A-Rock
      4. New program and you can adopt a rock and paint and decorate it
      5. Art Vistas- 
        1. Starting our final set next week.  Almost done with six projects
        2. Looking forward to have families see students work during open house
  • Auction
      1. We got a late start but it’s going well with donations
      2. Virtual Auction format to give us an opportunity to have it open for a week and give those that don’t make to the Carnival to participate
      3. We need volunteers to stand by the table during Carnival
      4. If you have any ideas for donations we can get contact Nicole Colmone
      5. Book Fair- May 16- 20th
      6. Chef’s Night Out- Chipotle on April 29th
        1. Hoping to get a pizza night to coincide with Movie Night
      7. Ticket sales for the musical were great and totaled to around $8.000
      8. Box Tops are low this year.  We only have about 10 parents that participate monthly.  We’ll need to post on social media more to promote
      9. Clay- 5th grade project will move forward this year. 
      10. Due to limited clay there are only a few projects available. Reach out to Aaron if you’d like to participate
      11. Project Cornerstone- working a new book around Inclusion, value
      12. Evening Around the World will be postponed to next year
      13. Garden Club- seedling sales have been going well- averaging $100 per week
        1. Garden update- new garden is being leveraged as a safer play area for SDC classrooms
        2. Moving playground will take some time- looking at how to move the Garden 2.0 forward
      14. Birthday shout out
      15. Ice Cream Fridays start up on Friday, April 15
      16. Math Olympiad- We finished the year and had the last meeting prior to Spring Break.  All numbers have been submitted and we did really well so we’re hoping to see final results soon.  
      17. Odyssey of Mind- Took 1st place in regionals.  3rd, 4th, 5th grade teams performed for teachers.  State competition on March 26th and took 3rd place overall for long term problem, took 4th place overall and only top three teams move forward so their year is complete.  
      18. Moving Night- April 29th- Movie winner is Sing 2
        1. Alter from original plan.  We had planned to do a pizza fundraiser during the event but will look at doing Chef’s night out on the same night. 
      19. Spirit Wear- Set up tables during Movie Night
        1. New potential lead that will come in and take over for next year. 
      20. Staff appreciation will be first week of May
        1. Sign up Genius will be going out for volunteers and donations
      21. Spring Fling
      22. Need volunteers and need to sell tickets
      23. Spring Carnival- Planning is underway. Event will be May 13th. Plan for a junior crew of 4th and 5th graders.  Need help to staff carnival, signage, junior crew support
      24. Yearbook- ordering is now open.  Flier will go out.  5th grade parents are doing baby pictures.  
        1. Yearbooks are available for ordering through 
    1. Question on Chess program coming back? Offered by Parker Anderson along with other activities and coordinated by the school
      1. Crista Leamons will look into
    2. Motion to adjourn was made by Kelli Martines
    3. Second by Stephania Panayotopoulus

Meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

May 11, 2022