Date: May 8, 2024
* 8 people in attendance

Welcome – Eugene Watt (7:03)
HSC Elections
Executive Board Introductions
President – Eugene Watt
Vice President – Kat Tan
Co-Treasurer – Molly Tan
Secretary – Sarah Rizvi
Parliamentarian – Mathieu Olivari

3.) Secretary’s Report –Sarah Rizvi (7:11)
i. Motion to approve – Mathieu Olivari
ii. Second – Eugene Watt

4.) Principal’s Report – Crista Leamons (7:13)
i.)Volunteer of the year is Jen Kubisz. Thank you for 6 years of service!
ii.)Proposed parcel tax in the fall to extend measure B. Parcel tax was originally passed in 2010 and provides 1.4 million dollars to fund personnel and programs. The current parcel tax is about to expire in 2026. A survey can be found at to tell the district how you would like funding to be spent.
iii.)Carnival was amazing, a joy to see Lietz alumni come back.
iv.) Open House May 22, 2024, we are excited to see what students have created this year.
v.)STEAM Night on May 22, 2024 parallel to Open House.

5.) Teacher’s Report – Ms. Gustafson (7:18)
i.)Thank you to HSC for programs and events and financial support.
ii.)Teacher Appreciation Week has been a joyful time to appreciate our staff.

6.) HSC Elections on May 22 at an open house. There will be voting for Co-Treasurers and Secretary positions. Please email the board to submit your candidacy by May 12.

7.) HSC Programs & Events, Volunteer Opportunities (7:21)
Looking for leads for next year for Carnival, Yearbook, Garden Club, Spirit Wear, Staff Appreciation.

Multicultural Night Updates
i.) May 10 @ 5:30pm
ii.) We have henna artists, music, fashion and food!

Upcoming Events for the Fall
i.) August Welcome to new families
ii.) September Pizza and Movie Night and Project Cornerstone Assembly.
iii.) October WAT
iv.) November Book Fair

Thank you to our amazing community of volunteers! We couldn’t do this without you!

8.) Treasurer’s Report – (7:41)
i. See budget on the HSC website:
ii. Statement of Activity review
iii. Auction revenue $9k.
iv.Carnival made more money than previous years.
v.Rising Tide expenses increased a bit because we shifted expenses from Sweetheart Dance to be more accurate.
vi.We are in the process of paying the district back for 5th grade science camp and we evened out the donations.
Vii We are at 50K net income but we still need to pay $30K for music and the remainder of the teacher’s grant. Mathieu suspects we will be at zero by the end of the year.

9.)Adjournment (7:49)
i. Motion to adjourn – Marie Haverfield
ii. Second- Amber O’Brien