We need your help and expertise to make our programs and fundraisers happen. There are many ways to get involved, and various time commitment levels. You can serve on the Home and School Club Board, chair an event, program, or fundraiser. You can be a classroom volunteer or fill a volunteer shift for one or more of our programs, events, or fundraisers. If you have small children at home or work full-time, you can still participate! 🙂

Specific needs for each program and fundraiser are outlined below.

Programs volunteers

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HSC Board President

Event Chair: N/A


Primary Duties of the President

  1. Presides at all LHSC meetings.

  2. Supports all chairpersons.

  3. He/she may appoint a Parliamentarian.

  4. He/she shall set the agenda for every meeting of the Executive Board and the Secretary will publish the agenda one week prior to the meeting.

  5. Oversees Executive Board.

  6. Acts as primary liaison between Executive Board and Lietz staff.

  7. Acts as primary liaison between LHSC and community at large.

  8. Works with Treasurer to plan and maintain budget.

  9. The President cannot be related by blood or marriage or reside in the same household as the other authorized signer of LHSC financial accounts.

Note: the form will show 10 available positions to leave space for enough applicants, but there is only one position available. Elections will be held if multiple applications are received for the same position.

Available Spots
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