In this enrichment program, students in all grades:

  • Learn basic ceramic skills, building on what was learned in previous years
  • Learn the process to turn a lump of clay into a glazed piece of ceramic are encouraged to plan and follow directions, adapt, interpret and improvise, all while improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creativity & craftsmanship
  • Create wonderful keepsakes for both the artists and their families

Unfortunately, it isn’t practical to send clay and glazes back and forth to homes during this period of distance learning.  Students can, however, practice the skills using inexpensive air dry clay, polymer clay, or homemade salt dough and materials found around the house. Many schools across the country are providing clay lessons on YouTube.  We will soon be posting projects by grade level on the webpage that families can follow. I will be recommending some good videos as well as our written project sheets.

This wonderful art program is run completely by volunteers, both in the classroom and behind the scenes. To be ready to start the program when more students are allowed back on campus, we are creating safety guidelines, but also need to identify Docents and Helpers for each class and Program Leads who make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ll be sending out more information on volunteering once we know when we are coming back.

Contact information

Program leadAaryn Church