Shaping a welcoming community where every student feels seen, valued, and encouraged to be their authentic self.

Our vision statements:
  1. Staff- We will collaborate with staff to ensure curriculum and instructional practices that encompass and promote the development of inclusive practices and ideology reflective of the diversity of our community.

    1. Teacher trainings

    2. Literary representation project

    3. Curricular special projects critical review

  1. Families- We will collaborate with families to ensure our work is representative of the diverse experiences of all members of the Lietz community to allow for continuing opportunities for growth and positive change.

    1. Family education series/book club

    2. Family survey

  1. Students-  We will collaborate with students to ensure they learn inclusive practices, gain knowledge from the varied lived experiences of others and feel valued as an important part of the Lietz community.

    1. Speaker series

    2. Blurbs to encourage thought and growth, tools to address DEI daily

    3. Monthly shout out/spotlight to classes working on DEI projects

    4. Student Survey

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