Lietz Drama Club offers students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades to participate in a quality theatre experience. Rehearsals provide a safe, judgement-free place for students to grow their enthusiasm for the art of performance. The goal is to bring out the best in each student while providing the opportunity to connect with their school community. Children work together to learn choreography, song and theatre skills to culminate in a shining performance for family and friends. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Drama Club is excited to announce Seussical Jr.!

Cast Performances are as follows:

  • Lorax  Cast          March 14    Show 7:00 

  • Sneetches Cast   March 15    Show 7:00 

  • Sneetches  Cast  March 16    Show 2:00 

  • Lorax Cast           March 16    Show 6:00 

  • Lorax Cast           March 17    Show 2:00 

  • Sneetches Cast   March 17    Show 6:00 

Tickets on Sale NOW!

You can purchase tickets by visiting

Volunteers Needed!

Dates range from March 5, the beginning of Tech Week all the way through performances ending on March 17. 

Under the direction of the Cast Room Coordinator, uties range from helping kids with costumes, going to makeup and getting onstage. A true behind-the-scenes look at how a show is run! Two hour or four hour shifts available for Tech Week rehearsals and performances! 
Under the direction of the Makeup and Hair leads, volunteers help create the magical characters of Seussical with pre-determined designs. No experience needed! Shifts are two hours before each Tech Week rehearsal and performances
Chairs will be delivered Wednesday March 13 after school.  Volunteers are needed to help prepare the cafeteria for audiences by setting up chairs and labeling them 
If you have any questions about the volunteer positions, please reach out to