Welcome to Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle (MOEMs) at Lietz! MOEMs is a contest that consists of a number of practice exams that students participate in, with a final contest among schools. At Lietz, the team consists of 4th and 5th grade students, with a limit of 35 total participants.

The Olympiads participate in after school sessions where the People In Charge of Olympiads (PICOs) teach them different mathematical concepts and strategies for solving them. The format is typically a set of word problems that are solved as a group. In addition, homework is assigned each week for the Olympiads to practice and further hone their skills!

For more information, please contact moems@lietzhsc.com.

PICO Email
Michael Homer mike.homer@lietzhsc.com
Sean Samenfeld-Specht seanss@lietzhsc.com

For the 2023-2024 school year, we held an information session on September 7th. You can find the recording here. 

Meetings are held on Thursdays immediately following the end of the school day and will last one hour. The meetings are held on campus and the room will be announced beforehand. The first meeting of the year is currently planned for September 21st.