Volunteers read books every month and lead a discussion and activity in the classroom. Stories focus on building friendship skills, increasing student-student respect, how to avoid bullies, and how to contribute to a building a positive community culture.

Project Cornerstone is flexibly adapting to the online platform to ensure that all youth have the skills to feel valued, respected and known. We do this by following a curriculum, set by the YMCA of Silicon Valley, that helps children build social and emotional skills. The overarching theme this year is teaching empathy. Typically our volunteers would go into classrooms to read books from the curriculum and facilitate activities. This year our volunteers will be following the lead of the teachers and working closely with them to find an option that fits into their busy class schedule and works well for their particular group of students.

This year is our Asset building year, where children learn practice skills to be amazing upstanders! 

If you are interested in volunteering, the commitment is about 1-2 hours per month and you will be partnered with another volunteer. This is actually the easiest time to volunteer for Project Cornerstone since you can produce your own recordings whenever you have time (i.e., your children have gone to sleep)! Trainings are scheduled for the first Monday of the month. Please contact us to learn more!

Contact information

Program leads Sarah Rizvi (1-5)
Lisa Valera (K)
Email projectcornerstone@lietzhsc.com